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What is an RSS Feed? 


An RSS Feed is a way to keep updated with a website, instead of having to visit that website quite so often.

Think of it as a NewsFlash, which can arrive on your computer desktop, or on your smartphone, whenever one of your favourite websites has been updated.


The most popular service for RSS is Feedly. This service works, no matter what device you have. It is on PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone and Android Tablet and on Kindle Fire.

Once this app is installed, your Feedly will keep you posted, 24 hours a day.

Arduthie Primary School has now adopted RSS as a means of communication as we know so many of our parents, staff and pupils have devices that can get a message through, on the move.  It is not always convenient to check on a full website for changes.

It is also worth noting that RSS simply gives you the important text. This vastly reduces data charges if you are checking in from a mobile device as no pictures are usually downloaded, unless requested.



If you see a symbol like this on a website, it is telling you that an RSS feed is available.




Click on this icon to find Feedly for your device.

Alternative RSS readers can also be found here.

Once installed, type arduthie.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/feed/ into the Search box.

Please note that a data plan is required to receive Feedly on a mobile device. Check if you can get internet on your phone, or tablet.