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Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is the name for the education system in Scotland, covering nurseries, schools, colleges and community learning. 

“Curriculum for Excellence has been introduced to raise standards of learning and teaching for all 3 to 18 year olds.  It aims to help prepare children and young people in knowledge and skills they need in a fast changing world”

The purpose of the curriculum is to enable all young people to become:

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Effective Contributors
  • Responsible Citizens

The framework is designed to be flexible to permit careful planning for those with additional support needs, including those who have a learning difficulty and those who are particularly able or talented.




The Pre-school years and Primary 1, later for some.


To the end of Primary 4, but earlier or later for some.


To the end of Primary 7, but earlier or later for some.


S1 to S3, but earlier for some.  The fourth level broadly equates to Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 4.  The fourth level experiences and outcomes are intended  to provide possibilities for choice and young people’s programmes will not include all of the fourth level outcomes.


S4 to S6, and college or other means of study.