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At Arduthie School, we strive to keep you notified.

Here are just a few reasons why we may wish to get in touch:

  • School events

  • Closures

  • Changes to lunch menu

  • School Photographer

  • Pupil Achievements

  • PTA Announcements

  • Crossing patrol notices

In our busy lives, the means by which we receive notices has changed over the years. We are fast moving from paper to electronic media which is accessed over many platforms.

We have successfully implemented an E-Newsletter service.  This is a regular email, sent to you in the evening, which contains any new relevant announcements.  This is an opt-in service.

Click here to subscribe.



To cater for those who wish to be more instantly informed, we have developed our RSS feed, Twitter and recently, an app for Android devices.


Our RSS feed can be accessed here.



To follow us on Twitter, click here.


To download our Android app, simply visit Google Play store by clicking the icon below:


ios users

We have had to create a web app for iOS as a workaround solution due to restrictions and cost implications.


Each of these methods of communication carry the same information as the front page of the school website.

Find the most convenient way for you to access our information.

Any school news, events, updates or developments – we’ll keep you posted!