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School Lunches

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As of Monday 5th January 2015, all pupils in Primaries 1, 2 and 3 are entitled to a free school meal on a daily basis.
Primary 1-3 pupils will therefore no longer be issued with dinner tickets.
Please note the Authority will not issue refunds for any unused tickets, so you should bear this in mind if you normally purchase tickets by the book.
The school has purchased different coloured wrist bands, so that the kitchen staff can see at a glance which option your child has decided upon. This should speed up the service at the hot and cold counters ensuring all the children are served and have adequate time to eat their lunch and time to play during the hour break.
The wristbands are silicone to avoid issues with rubber allergies. They are colour coded as RED, for option 1 hot
GREEN  for option 2 hot
BLUE for option 1 cold
ORANGE for option 2 cold
YELLOW for Baked Potato


Current Aberdeenshire Schools Menu  (click each option for recipe/allergen information)


Please discuss with your child what they will be having for lunch so that they can come into school and tell the teacher if they will be a RED, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE or YELLOW  if they require a vegetarian option.  They may also be selecting for themselves on the class smartboard.
An appropriately coloured wrist band will be issued by the teacher before lunch time and will be collected in class at the start of the afternoon session.
The main course meal will be served with the accompanying side dishes as detailed on the menu.
This system ensures that every child has a balanced meal on their plate. Whilst dining hall staff encourage children to try vegetables and eat a varied diet, and the school health reps will be issuing stickers by way of encouragement, it is your child’s choice what foods they eat from the selection on their tray.
If there is anything about the new system which you would like further clarified, please get in touch with the school.

Click here  for information on how to pay for school meals.

School Catering makes Packed Lunches for Pupil Outings

The kitchen staff in Arduthie can provide nutritious Packed Lunches for the price of a single meal ticket.

Our Packed Lunch includes:

  • A sandwich (various fillings available) in a selection of Breads or in a Roll
  • Whole or prepared Fresh Fruit
  • A Homebake such as Fruit Muffins, Flapjacks and others!
  • A carton of Juice

Please contact the Kitchen Supervisor for more detail.
Click here for further information from Aberdeenshire Council, regarding School meals.